Clarification on new article by Economy Daily News dated Jun 16, 2019

OBI-888 completes Phase I safety evaluation and demonstrates its safety and tolerability with no major concerns
June 15, 2019
Company Chairman Mr. Michael Chang and other five executives received an acquittal for insider trading case by Taiwan Shilin District Court
June 21, 2019
  1. Date of occurrence of the event: Jun 16, 2019
  2. Company name: OBI Pharma Inc.
  3. Relationship to the Company (please enter “head office” or “subsidiaries”): Head office
  4. Reciprocal shareholding ratios: N/A
  5. Name of mass media: Page A10 of Economy Daily News on Jun 16, 2019
  6. Content reported: ……OBI to hold Annual General Meeting on the 27th……Antibody drug conjugate OBI-999 will enter clinical phase in the second half of the year.
  7. Cause of occurrence: Clarification on news article
  8. Countermeasures: United States FDA IND of antibody drug conjugate OBI-999 is planned for this year, please refer to Page 2 & Page 72 of the 2018 Annual Report.
  9. Any other matters that need to be specified: New drug development is a long process associated with high costs. It is not a achat de kamagra, which may increase the risk of investment. Investors shall make prudent judgments and investments.