OBI Pharma Inc. founded in 2002, we have been focusing on the research and development of new drugs, challenging ourselves to fulfill unmet medical needs in hard-to-treat diseases with innovative and cost-effective products to improve people’s health and quality of life.

Our core philosophy is based on “whatever you take from the society; use them for the society” and sustainable development. We examine ourselves against the highest ethical standards and social responsibility. We not only aim to contribute to the overall health of mankind, but also promise to:

  • Promote corporate governance and comply to laws and regulations
  • OBI’s mission is the well being of the patients and all its research and development are primarily devoted to the interests of the patients and their safe drug use.
  • Comply with the code of ethics during R&D process
  • Maximize company value and promote shareholder benefits
  • Provide fair employee benefits, healthy work environment, and career development
  • Devote in social welfare
  • Mindful of environmental changes, implement green office, and reduce carbon footprint

In order to promote corporate s sustainable development policies, OBI organized an internal task force led by company’s Chief Financial Officer and supported by Public Affairs and Human Resource and Administration and Finance department.

The task force team, based on environment, social responsibility, corporate governance (ESG), is allocated into five sub-groups: corporate governance and economics , employee welfare, social care, environmental sustainability, and product services. Through the teamwork, OBI promotes the following policies while continuing to promote the concept of corporate sustainability and to identify and analyze sustainable development issues.

  1. OBI Pharma (“The Company”) has set up “The Code of Sustainable Development” as the basis for implementing the corporate sustainable development policy, and will revise relevant policies and guidelines in response to developmental needs.
  1. By adopting “honesty, integrity, and social responsibility” as the core values, the Company’s Board of Directors is responsible for guiding, supervising, and evaluating the effective operation of the Company’s management team; not only putting corporate governance into practice but also conducting check and balance with the highest ethical standard. In accordance with the law, the “The Audit Committee” and “The Remuneration Committee” were set up under the jurisdiction of Board of Directors to supervise the company’s professional functions, and to implement internal control systems through audits. Externally, the Committees seek financial transparency and timely disclosure of important information to protect the rights and interests of investors.
  1. In order to respect the rights and interests of stakeholders, the team’s primary task is to identify the company’s stakeholders and set up an “Investors” section on the Company’s official website. Through adequate communication channels, the team seeks to understand the reasonable expectations and needs of the stakeholders while also responding appropriately to their concerns about sustainable development issues.
  1. We are a biopharma company. The current product pipeline is in research or clinical development without mass production. We continue to implement programs on energy conservation, recycling, and reducing the use of paper and disposable cups—for energy conservation and waste reduction.
  1. Due to the nature of biotechnology operation, a safety committee and relevant waste disposal and recycling policies are in place to comply with environmental regulations. In order to comply with the relevant environmental protection regulations of the government, the Company has formulated the Business Waste Disposal Plan (Waste Disposal Plan) and the Laboratory Waste Management Measures as the basis for the proper disposal of business waste. All solid and infectious wastes with potential hazards are temporarily stored in non-open covered iron drums or cartons, while liquid wastes are temporarily stored in sealed HDPE drums, which are regularly treated, cleared, and transported by qualified contract manufacturers. Regarding the statistics and estimation of greenhouse gas emissions, the calculation of electricity consumption shall be apportioned according to the use area since the offices and laboratories are now located in a small part of the building. The charging is complex, so the Company will ask a professional team for guidance, and the schedule has been planned.
  1. At present, the Company has not entered mass production, so there is no large amount of greenhouse gas emission. The Company aims to improve manufacturing methods, processes, and production management, so as to reduce resource consumption and pollution incidents, effectively utilize energy, and achieve the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction. In addition, in view of the supply chain interruption, power supply interruption, abnormal use of human resources, and other risks that may be brought about by climate change, the Company will take measures such as seeking alternative suppliers to reduce entrusted manufacturing, trying to increase the proportion of self-made, equipping all laboratories with uninterruptible power facilities and constant temperature equipment, and planning and improving the agent system.
  1. Bridge the industry with academia
    Talent development is one of the most important assets for the biotechnology industry. OBI has implemented a mid/long-term development plan for cultivating biotechnology professionals, in the hope to foster new talents. OBI is also actively engaged in campus-based career fairs, including providing summer internship opportunities. We also have a close relationship with academic and educational institutions. Students, job-seeking youth, and social elites may enter corporate job markets through participation of such related activities. The long-term goal is to continue the development of the biotechnology industry by cultivating young professionals.
  1. Participate in public associations, support academics, and promote industrial and social welfare
    The company is heavily involved in the overall development of the biotechnology industry. OBI actively supports, participates in and sponsors activities organized by professional and academic associations. We provide the warmest hospitality to host academic group visits and biotechnology camps. OBI encourages the young generation who are interested in biotechnology to cultivate themselves as talents for the industry.
    In terms of social welfare, OBI Pharma encourages colleagues to participate in various forms of public welfare activities to jointly social care.
    In 2021, the Company has contributed to social welfare through donations and sponsorships to the sum of NT$250,000.
  1. Support patient groups
    OBI is an onco-therapeutic development company with the diverse pipeline. On the basis of care, we have always maintained close contact with patient groups, listened to patients’ heartfelt messages, actively engaged in fulfilling the needs of patients, and been involved in patient workshops and sessions. OBI has maintained a good relationship with Taiwan Breast Cancer Association (TBCA), the largest breast cancer patient group in Taiwan. OBI Pharma donated a total amount of NT$100,000 to support patients groups in 2021.
  1. Promote employee-employer relationship
    A. By taking “Innovation, Caring, Respect, Integrity, Team Work” as the core corporate philosophy, the Company considers employees as its co-entrepreneurial partners. In addition to emphasizing frank communication and maintaining good labor-management relations, the company also promises to create a happy workplace:
    a. Employee benefits include labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, annual physical examination, holiday/birthday bonuses, further education allowance, child care allowance, annual outing, and employee stock options, etc.
    b. Quarterly employer-employee meeting to ensure employees’ legal rights are not breached. Organize employee welfare committee.
    c. Hold employees’ friendship activity etc. irregularly, which is good for the physical and mental development of employees.
    d. Formulate association establishment measures, encourage employees to spontaneously establish art and literature, and leisure associations to hold activities regularly, initiate employees to enjoy the work, stay healthy and exercise the mind and body to improve the cohesion.
    B. Taking care of employees’ physical and mental health
    According to the “Regulations Governing the Labor Health Protection”, the Company has recruited a full-time nurse to be responsible for employees’ annual health checkups and health consultation services. Health workshops are also held regularly to raise the employees’ awareness of physical health, mental health, and healthcare, so as to establish good living habits, implement self-health management, and review the maintenance of health in the workplace.
    In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world in 2021, the company has promptly and thoroughly implemented body temperature monitoring, strict mask rules, COVID-19 prevention education, and care for the health of employees.
    C. Workplace safety.
    a. OBI complies with ‘Occupational Safety and Health Act’. On the basis of relevant laws and regulations, the ‘Code of Conduct on Labor Safety’ outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Company.
    b. Laboratory and office safety drill are conducted at least twice a year.
    c. As for the long-term development in the future, although the Company’s products are currently in the stage of research and development and have not yet entered the production phase, factory facilities and environmental protection are being planned from the very beginning by establishing the “Safety and Health Management Group” to perform safety and health inspections. An “Emergency Response Team” is also set up to deal with emergencies, clearly dividing the powers and responsibilities of management, command, and supervision to maintain the safety of laboratories and offices, and to strictly manage industrial waste, and  biohazard waste, and chemicals.
    D. Education & Training
    By formulating the “Practices Governing the Management of Education and Training”, the Company not only organizes education & training programs and continuing education for the in-service employees, but also provides channels for employees to participate in seminars held domestically and abroad for continuing education. This way, the employees are encouraged to earn professional certificates, enrich themselves, improve their core capabilities, and face their work challenges with a positive attitude.
    E. Open door policy to Human Resources, Department managers, Chief Executive Officer allow complains where employees will be kept anonymous for privacy reasons.
    F. By setting up two-way communication channels such as complaint mailboxes and electronic newsletters, the company encourages employees to raise their questions and suggestions in two-way communication.
    G. Following labor law, the OBI retirement package includes:
    a. Employee pension: Match 6% of employees’ earnings to the individual retirement account
    b. Retirement qualification: following current labor law
    c. Numbers of retired employees in 2020: None.
  1. Product responsibility
    All products of the Company are still in the research and development stage, and no finished products have been on the market. However, at the beginning of its establishment, the Company formulated a complete set of management systems for all related processes, including the determination of the composition of new drugs, preclinical research and development, clinical trials, marketing and selection of suppliers. In addition to expressly prohibiting the sale and purchase of products or manufacturers in dispute, the Company also emphasizes to adhere to moral standards and ethical principles, comply with global international harmonization regulations, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (PIC/S GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GDP), and strictly abide by the Medical Law, Administrative Measures for Human Test, Pharmaceutical Law and other regulations. In addition, in terms of personal data protection and management, the Company shall strictly abide by the Personal Data Protection Law, the Implementing Rules of the Personal Data Protection Law, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the relevant laws and regulations of the competent authorities, and do the best to protect and manage customers’ data.
  1. Vendor relationship
    A. By setting up “Supplier Assessment & Management” and “Vendor Performance Evaluation”, OBI Pharma has strict criteria and procedures for selecting the suppliers to ensure that the outsource manufactured products meet the company and statutory requirements and that the suppliers have the ability to provide a steady source of raw materials, products, and services that meet the specifications.
    B. In order to pursue the development, coexistence, and common prosperity of the biotech industry in Taiwan, OBI Pharma’s selection of outsourced manufacturers is based on policy considerations that prioritize local manufacturers. This will facilitate biotech and new pharmaceutical industry to take root in Taiwan while also reducing the carbon emissions of international shipments and the risk of supply interruption.
  1. Disclose corporate social responsibilities in Annual Reports and ESG Reports. Sponsorship and/or participation in community activities are make known to the public through public media or other means of communication.
  1. Each year, the Company prepares an ESG report to be published on the company’s official website. In future, the Company will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by actively promoting corporate governance and sustainable development, promoting social welfare and maintaining good labor-management relations and fulfilling corporate citizenship responsibilities in the pursuit of environmental and earth’s sustainability.