OBI-904 (ADC)

OBI-904 (Nectin4 Targeted ADC)

OBI-904 is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) comprising a monoclonal antibody specific to Nectin4 (Nectin cell adhesion molecule 4), linked to a potent topoisomerase I inhibitor payload through OBI’s proprietary GlycOBITM platform. It is an OBI self-developed novel and potential best-in-class ADC designed to anti-cancer therapy against Nectin4-expressing multiple cancer types.

Nectin4 is a transmembrane cell adhesion molecule. It is a tumor-associated antigen that highly expressed in a number of cancer types, including skin, breast, lung, liver, esophageal, gastric, urothelial, colorectal, pancreas and ovarian cancers. It is reported that Nectin4 promotes tumor cell growth, proliferation, migration, and tumor metastasis through the process of angiogenesis. Therefore, Nectin4 is considered as a target for anti-cancer therapy.

An ADC against Nectin4, Enfortumab vedotin, has received US Food and Drug Administration approval for treatment of urothelial cancer. OBI obtained the global license for “Nectin4 human antibody sequence” from Ablexis in 2022, developing various new Nectin4-targeted anti-cancer drugs.