ADC Technology

ADC Technology

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) represent a promising modality for delivering cytotoxic drugs to targeted tumor cells while avoiding off-tumor toxicities.

Despite successes in the past 20 years, development of effective ADCs with broad therapeutic window remains challenging due to the complexity of conjugation technologies and the instability of the linkers.

OBI not only developed a cysteine-based conjugation platform but also a unique glycan ADC platform (GlycOBI™), which are in a ‘Plug and Play’ format and compatible with any antibodies, linkers, and payloads in various Drug antibody ratio (DAR). Especially, GlycOBI™ is an  efficient and scalable process to generate a site-specific homogenous ADCs. This platform overcomes the limitations of traditional ADCs, resulting in the improvement of efficacy and stability.

This was achieved by utilizing OBI proprietary enzymatic technology (EndoSymeOBI™), followed by conjugating the hydrophilic linker-payload with the glycan site of antibody naturally occurring in the antibody’s Fc region. The conjugation process avoids disrupting the antibody structure, ensuring the related ADC has similar biophysical characteristics compared to native antibody.

Furthermore, OBI linker technology improves the conjugation efficiency of the payload, as well as reduces the aggregation propensity, and expands the half-life of the ADC products.