OBI Pharma announces the end of the implementation for its first treasury share buyback program

Company reports outsider suspected of “rumor mongering” intended to manipulate company’s stock, and plans to take legal action against “NEXT Magazine”
May 3, 2016

1.Originally determined ceiling on total monetary amount of the share
repurchase:NTD 5,646,671,868
2.Original scheduled period for the repurchase:2016/02/25-2016/04/24
3.Originally determined number of shares to be repurchased:3,000 shares
4.Originally determined type of shares to be repurchased:Common Stock
5.Originally determined repurchase price range:NTD 348.00-933.00
6.Date of expiry of the repurchase period or completion of the
7.Number of shares repurchased:862,000 shares
8.Type of shares repurchased:Common Stock
9.Total monetary amount of shares repurchased:NTD 386,720,591
10.Average repurchase price per share:NTD 448.63
11.Cumulative number of own shares held:862,000 shares
12.Ratio of cumulative number of own shares held during the repurchase period
to the total number of the Company’s issued shares:0.5%
13.Reason for non-completion of the share repurchase at expiry of the
repurchase period:To maintain a balance between shareholders’ equity and
market mechanisms, depending on the share price and volume status, it is not
14.Any other matters that need to be specified:None