OBI Pharma Awarded Level-A Recognition for TIPS Management

OBI Pharma, Taiwan (4174) announced that it has been awarded a “Level-A” rating by  auditors from the government-sponsored TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System) project, in recognition of the quality of OBI Pharma’s intellectual property management system. The Level-A certification recognizes that OBI Pharma’s intellectual property management system is complete and well-established under the TIPS guidelines.


TIPS is a government program commissioned by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to promote and verify implementation of intellectual property management systems by corporations, legal entities and research institutions. TIPS provides an audit and verification mechanism to prove a corporation’s ability to protect and manage its intellectual property.


OBI Pharma received the Level-A rating after completion of a TIPS audit of the company’s intellectual property management processes including intellectual property review, resource management, retrieval, protection, maintenance and


OBI Pharma believes that the ongoing management and development of intellectual properties and patents is essential for the long term competitive viability of the company’s proprietary portfolio . OBI Pharma is proud to receive this Level-A recognition of the company’s investment in the protection and management of the company’s intellectual properties.