OBI focuses on innovative research and development for cancer therapies and aims to develop “first-in-class” and “best-in-class” ground-breaking drugs. It aspires to market these drugs worldwide with a “Made in Taiwan” branding and to provide new treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs.

OBI is interested in commercializing its ADC technology platforms and looks forward to collaborating with biotech and pharmaceutical companies by enabling “first-in-class” and “best-in-class” therapeutic candidates for further development.

Core Values




Integrity & Accountability




Sense of Urgency





It is easy to break one chopstick. But they become unbreakable when combined. Together, we can do wonderful things.

We display our moral conduct in every move we make.

We value each employee, no matter how different we are.

We race against time to provide hope to patients through our research and discovery.

Innovation is our engine in developing “first-in-class” and “best-in-class” medicines.

Do what you love and love what you do. In OBI, it is our shared goal to bring effective new drugs to the world.

Employee Story

Michelle Yang

Associate Director, Project Management Office

Journey of Self-development

OBI is a place where you can develop yourself if you want to. It is always excitement to learn new things, and I am thankful to continue my self-development in OBI.

Wei-Han Lee

Director, R&D (Analytics Division)

The Power of Persistence: A Chemist's Journey in Drug Development

The power of persistence in seemingly small tasks can have a significant impact.

Patricia Ha

Director, Regulatory Affairs

At OBI, we prioritize growth and collaboration.

OBI's core values - passion, integrity, innovation, and inclusion - are more than just words to me. They're the guiding principles that drive our actions and decisions every day.

Tony Phan

Manager, Regulatory Affairs

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

Though challenges remain, I have confidence in the passion of my colleagues and OBI’s unwavering commitment. Let’s all continue doing great work and make a positive, meaningful impact on society!

Office and lab space in ONE

What We Believe


Employee's Well-Being​

We believe a good work-life balance brings high quality performance and happiness at work.

  • 7.5 work hours
  • 1.5 hours lunch break
  • Remote work


Training and Development

We believe talents are the most important asset. Your personal development is what we care about.

  • Off-the-job training
  • Team building activities
  • Soft skills training



We believe your dedication and effort deserve the best rewards.

  • Incentive bonus
  • Labor pension scheme (Taiwan-based staff)


Support System

We believe OBI Pharma is a big family and everyone should be taken care of.

  • Company trip
  • Clubs (Yoga, hiking, etc.)
  • Free massage

Search for the Best Job for You


We are committed to the research and development of new medicines that will change the world for the better.

Clinical Operations

We support clinical trials and regulatory affairs to ensure the safety and health of our patients.

Enabling Functions

We are committed to assisting the company‘s operations, creating efficiency and a better working environment.


We are passionate about helping students explore their careers and build a bright future together!

If you are interested in joining OBI Pharma, you can apply in the following ways: