OBI Pharma Granted OBI 833 Patents for Taiwan and Australia

OBI Pharma, Taiwan (4174) announced that it has been granted Taiwan and Australian patents protecting OBI-833, its new cancer vaccine comprised of the Globo H hexasaccharide (Globo H) antigen conjugated to DT-CRM197, a non-toxic, mutated form of diphtheria toxin (DT):

“Vaccines with higher carbohydrate antigen density and novel saponin adjuvant.”; Taiwan Patent No. 201429488 and Australia Patent Application No. 2014203977

These patents demonstrate that OBI-833 contains a significantly higher density of Globo H antigen on the DT carrier protein which may enhance its no-breastcancer potential. The newly granted patent includes that OBI-833 composition of matter, pharmaceutical compositions, use in cancer vaccine, and combination with the novel saponin adjuvant, OBI-821.

OBI Pharma is currently conducting a first-in-human Phase 1 clinical trial of OBI-833 in patients with late stage gastric, lung, breast and colorectal cancers with enrollment expected to be completed by the end of the year.