▲ OBI Volunteers Team.  Photo / Provided by TBCA

In Pink Oct , WHO designates it as ‘International Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ and calls for various activities worldwide to express care for breast cancer patients and raise awareness about this significant threat to women’s health.

OBI Pharma has been supporting the Taiwan Breast Cancer Alliance (TBCA) to organize nationwide breast cancer patient activities in October for many years, not only providing sponsorship but also organizing volunteer teams to actively participate.

This year, TBCA held a carnival and press conference with the theme “2023 Lighting Dual-color Pink Ribbons-Guarding Health, Grasping Happiness” at Taipei- Dahu Park. OBI gathered 17 volunteers, all  wearing white OBI caps. Our responsibilities include guiding patients to line up for the pink ribbon, supporting the coffee and Zentangle booths , and inviting guests or passersby to write a few words to encourage breast cancer patients.

Dr. Heidi Wang, the CEO of OBI Pharma, also visited the venue to cheer up the volunteer. She even generously donated a small red envelope privately to TBCA, encouraging TBCA to do more services for patients.

▲ Dr. Heidi Wang, the CEO of OBI Pharma, came to the venue to cheer up the volunteers.

Many local leaders also came to the event to support TBCA. Some expressed concerns about the recent decline in breast cancer screening rates and hoped for new policies to encourage screening. Others pledged to fight for health insurance coverage of breast cancer new therapy .

The highlight of the event is the arrangement of the pink ribbons. Under the guidance of volunteers, nearly 500 patients from Penghu, Hualien, Taichung, Pingtung, and Chiayi, they sang, danced, and chanted slogans to form a double pink ribbon at the venue. Through aerial photography, the power of the pink ribbon is once again displayed on the lush green grassland.

▲ Aerial photo of hundreds of patients forming a dual pink ribbon in 2023 Pink Oct..