OBI Pharma Wins the “Greatest Potential Award” at the 2013 Outstanding Biotech Awards

18 July 2013 – ROC President Ma Ying-jeou attended 2013 BIO Taiwan Opening Ceremony and presented the “Company with the Greatest Potential Award” to OBI Pharma (GreTai Securities Market 4174). During his speech, the president expressed his recognition of all the efforts to create a flourishing Biotech Industry in Taiwan, and he re-affirmed his expectations of a bright future for the sector.

BIO Taiwan’s Outstanding Company Awards seek to recognize the promise and great potential in new star biotech companies and innovative technology. The awards have motivated more companies to invest resources in building a larger and better world-class Biotech industry in Taiwan.

Employing high selection standards, the judges for the Outstanding Awards recognized the potential in OBI Pharma’s distribution rights for DIFICID™, a novel antibiotic indicated for C. difficile-associated diarrhea, and in OBI’s flagship product OBI-822, a first-in-class active immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancer presently in a Global Phase II/III Clinical Trial. With an global perspective, professional leadership, strong management and R&D teams, and long-term vision, OBI Pharma I ushering in a promising future of new drug development in Taiwan.

OBI General Manager Amy Huang represented OBI Pharma in receiving this award, which reflects a high degree of recognition in the scientific communities in both academia and industry. During the celebratory luncheon that followed the awards ceremony, Ms Huang shared how deeply touched she is whenever she travels abroad and sees how Global Taiwanese brands such as Eva Air, Giant, and HTC well-represented in every corner of the world. OBI Pharma itself was started with an entrepreneurial spirit, the courage to take on the challenges of the world’s most difficult diseases, and the devotion to develop cost-effective next generation active immunotherapies that represent that last-line of defense for patients.

About OBI Pharma
OBI Pharma, Inc. is a Taiwan biopharmaceutical company that was established in 2002. Its mission is to improve health and the quality of life through innovative and cost-effective therapeutics. OBI Pharma’s focus is on the “Unmet Medical Needs” of challenging diseases, such as Cancer & Infectious Diseases. Additional information can be found at

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