Legal Statement-OBI’s Attorneys Decide to Take Further Actions against Next Magazine

In response to Next Magazine’s continuous and malicious publication of misleading stories against our client, OBI Pharma Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “OBI”), we, Formosan Brothers, Attorneys-at-Law, and EY Taiwan, Attorneys-at-Law, hereby issue the following statement:
Since March 2016, Next Magazine has maliciously and continuously published periodicals that contain misleading stories against OBI. These stories not only mislead the public’s perception of OBI, but also have caused serious damage to OBI’s goodwill. To protect its rights, OBI has retained Formosan Brothers and EY Taiwan to file criminal and civil lawsuits against Next Magazine and related individuals.
Notwithstanding OBI’s legal actions, on August 31st, Next Magazine again published sensationalized headline and groundless stories in its volume 797 periodical to falsely report on OBI’s recent events. This also led to other media such as Taipei Times to copy the false stories and disseminate to the public. All such misconduct has caused serious damage to OBI’s goodwill and corporate image which has been built over years.
In order to protect OBI’s legal rights, Formosan Brothers and EY Taiwan will submit to the Prosecutor’s Office and Taipei District Court the aforesaid criminal and tortious facts to SUPPLEMENT the ongoing criminal and civil cases against Next Magazine.
On behalf of OBI, we hereby urge all media to exert due diligence to verify the facts before publishing any news relating to OBI. We also urge all media to report without prejudice. If there is any further reports that infringe upon OBI’s legal rights, Formosan Brothers and EY Taiwan will take all necessary legal actions to safeguard OBI’s interests.
Formosan Brothers, Attorneys-at-Law
EY Taiwan, Attorneys-at-Law