The Company’s Board of Directors resolved to convene the 2022 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (Change of location and new approval)

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2022/05/06
2.General shareholders’ meeting date:2022/06/27
3.General shareholders’ meeting location:Courtyard Taipei, Supernova ballroom, 7th Floor (7th Floor, No. 359, Section 7, Zhongxiao East Road, Sedative Drugs, Taipei (Change of location)
4.Shareholders meeting will be held by means of (physical shareholders meeting/ visual communication assisted shareholders meeting/ visual communication shareholders meeting):Physical shareholders meeting
5.Cause for convening the meeting I.Reported matters:
(1) 2021 Business Report
(2) 2021 Audit Committee’s Review Report
(3) Status of the Sound Operating Plan of the Company
6.Cause for convening the meeting II.Acknowledged matters:
(1) 2021 Annual Final Accounting Ledgers and Statements
(2) 2021 Earnings Distribution Loss Off-setting
7.Cause for convening the meeting III.Matters for Discussion:
(1) Amendment of the Company’s “Articles of Incorporation”
(2) Amendment of the Company’s “Procedures for Asset Acquisition & Disposal”
(3) Rules and issuance of 2022 restricted stock awards (New approval)
8.Cause for convening the meeting IV.Election matters:
(1) Election of 7th Board of Directors
9.Cause for convening the meeting V.Other Proposals:
(1) Remove the restriction of Competition Prohibition
10.Cause for convening the meeting VI.Extemporary Motions:None
11.Book closure starting date:2022/04/29
12.Book closure ending date:2022/06/27
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:
The shareholders will be able to exercise their voting rights electronically from 2022/05/28 to 2022/06/24. The electronic voting system is managed by Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation at