Supplementary notice on a company board resolution for the upcoming 2016 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2016/05/13
2.Date for convening the shareholders’ meeting:2016/06/27
3.Location for convening the shareholders’ meeting: Masterlink Securities Education and Training Center (Da-an District, Taipei Dun Hua South Road, Sec 2, #97, 11th Floor)
4.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting:
I.Report Items
(1)To report the business of 2015.
(2)Audit Committee’s 2015 review report.
(3)Implementation of a sound business plans.
(4)The end of the implementation for first treasury share buyback program.
(5)Changes the purpose of the first treasury share buyback program. (NEW!)
(6)Amendment of the “Regulations Governing Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings”.(NEW!)
(7)Amendment of the “Directors and Managers Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct”.(NEW!)
(8)Provisions for “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct”.
(9)Amendment of the “2010, 2013 and 2015 employee stock options issuance and exercise provisions”.
II.Items for Acknowledgment
(1)Adoption of the 2015 Business Report and Financial Statements.
(2)Adoption of the Proposal for 2015 Deficit Compensation.
III. Items for Discussion Part I
(1) Amendments to the ”Articles of Incorporation”.
(2) Amendment in the ”Regulations Governing the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets”.
(3) Revision to the ”Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings”.
(4) Amendment in the ”Procedures for Election of Directors”.
(5) Intentions to apply for long-term fund-raising plan.(NEW!)
IV. Electoral Matters
(1) The board election of directors and independent directors.
V. Items for Discussion Part II
(1) On the lifting of restrictions (including restrictions) for the company’s new directors
and independent directors. (NEW!)
VI. Temporary Motions
VII. Adjournment.
5.Book closure starting date:2016/04/29
6.Book closure ending date:2016/06/27
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: None.