OBI Pharma announces the end of the implementation for its first treasury share buyback program

1.Originally determined ceiling on total monetary amount of the share
repurchase:NTD 5,646,671,868
2.Original scheduled period for the repurchase:2016/02/25-2016/04/24
3.Originally determined number of shares to be repurchased:3,000 shares
4.Originally determined type of shares to be repurchased:Common Stock
5.Originally determined repurchase price range:NTD 348.00-933.00
6.Date of expiry of the repurchase period or completion of the
7.Number of shares repurchased:862,000 shares
8.Type of shares repurchased:Common Stock
9.Total monetary amount of shares repurchased:NTD 386,720,591
10.Average repurchase price per share:NTD 448.63
11.Cumulative number of own shares held:862,000 shares
12.Ratio of cumulative number of own shares held during the repurchase period
to the total number of the Company’s issued shares:0.5%
13.Reason for non-completion of the share repurchase at expiry of the
repurchase period:To maintain a balance between shareholders’ equity and
market mechanisms, depending on the share price and volume status, it is not
14.Any other matters that need to be specified:None