OBI-866 ”Immunogenic/Therapeutic Glycan Compositions And Uses Thereof“ Was Granted By Taiwan Intellectual Property Office

1.Date of occurrence of the event:2021/10/27
2.Company name: OBI Pharma Inc.
3.Relationship to the Company (please enter “head office” or “subsidiaries”): Head office
4.Reciprocal shareholding ratios: Not applicable
5.Cause of occurrence:
OBI Pharma Inc. was informed by the patent office that patent for OBI-866 ”Immunogenic/Therapeutic Glycan Compositions And Uses Thereof“ has been granted by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office under the patent number 106125366.
OBI-866 is an active immunotherapeutic cancer vaccine targeting SSEA-4, conjugating SSEA-4 and carrier protein KLH and triggers immune responses against hard-to-treat cancers once injected into the human system. OBI-866 has been granted by TFDA to proceed to Phase I human clinical study and is now open for enrollment actively. Please refer to the Company’s material information announcement on August 25, 2020.
6.Countermeasures: None
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: New drug development requires long process, vast investments and with no guarantee in success which may pose investment risks. The investors are advised to exercise caution and conduct thorough evaluation.