Company Chairman Mr. Michael N. Chang not guilty for the prosecution by Taiwan Shilin District Court

  1. Parties to the legal matter: OBI Chairman Dr. Michael N. Chang
  2. Name of the court or disposing agency: Taiwan Shilin District Court
  3. Reference/case numbers of relevant documents: Year 106, Zhu Zhong Su No. 1
  4. Date of occurrence of the event: Dec 28, 2018
  5. Background and circumstances of the matter (including the property/subject matter under dispute): In the first instance for the case of the prosecution of Mr. Michael N. Chang, the chairman of the company, for the crime of corruption by Taiwan Shilin District Court, defendant is granted not guilty.
  6. Course and progression of handling of the matter: Involved parties cooperate with the court to carry out relevant judicial procedures.
  7. Effect on company finances and business and estimated monetary amount of the effect: Company is under normal operation and that the event has no significant impact on the company’s financial status.
  8. Countermeasures and status of amelioration: None
  9. Any other matters that need to be specified: None