Announcement that the institutional director of OBI, Sheng Cheng Investment Co., Ltd., changes its representative

1.Date of occurrence of the change:2023/12/21
2.Name of legal person: Sheng Cheng Investment Co., Ltd.
3.Name of the previous position holder: Frank Chen
4.Resume of the previous position holder: Vice president of investment management and special assistant to the president, Ruentex Group
5.Name of the new position holder: Kung-Yee Liang
6.Resume of the new position holder: Former president of National Yang-Ming University/ Former president of National Health Research Institutes/
Distinguished Chair Professor at Feng Chia University
7.Reason for the change:Reassignment
8.Original term (from __________ to __________):2022/06/27~2025/06/26
9.Effective date of the new appointment:2023/12/21
10.Any other matters that need to be specified: None.