Announcement on the elected Independent Director at the 2021 Annual General Meeting

1. Date of occurrence of the change: July 16, 2021
2. Elected or changed position (Please enter institutional director, institutional supervisor, independent director, natural-person director or natural-person supervisor): independent director
3. Title, name and resume of the previous position holder: None
4. Title, name and resume of the new position holder:
Independent director: Howard S. Lee/ Chairman of Taho Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Chairman of Transwell Biotech Co., Ltd.
Independent Director of Sunko Ink Co., Ltd.
Independent Director of Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Independent Director of Taimed Biologics Inc.
Director of Easywell Biomedicals, Inc.
Director of Industrial Technology Investment Corporation
Director of Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Director of Capso Vision Inc.
Director of Taiwan Bio Industry Organization
Director of Taiwan Society for the Chest Care
5. Circumstances of change (Please enter “resignation”, “dismissal”, “term expired”, “death” or “new appointment”): new appointment
6. Reason for the change: independent director by election
7. Number of shares held by the new position holder when elected: 0
8. Original term (from __ to __): From June 27, 2019 to June 26, 2022
9. Effective date of new appointment: July 16, 2021
10. Turnover rate of directors of the same term: 1/7
11. Turnover rate of independent directors of the same term: 1/3
12. Turnover rate of supervisors of the same term: Not applicable
13. Change in one-third or more of directors (Please enter “Yes” or “No”): No
14. Any other matters that need to be specified: None