Announcement on the Change of Chief Financial Officer

  1. Type of personnel changed (please enter: spokesperson, acting spokesperson, important operational officer, financial officer, accounting officer, research and development officer, or internal audit officer): Financial Officer
  2. Date of occurrence of the change: Mar 09, 2018
  3. Name, title, and resume of the replaced person: None
  4. Name, title, and resume of the replacement: Max Chan, Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Chan had previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Accounting and Finance for OBI Pharma Inc., and the Chief Financial Officer for JHL Biotech, TaiGen Biotech, and
  5. Type of the change (please enter: “resignation”, “position adjustment”,“dismissal”, “retirement”, “death” or “new replacement” ): New replacement
  6. Reason for the change: Based on the board resolution on Mar 09, 2018, the title of Chief Operating Officer for Max Chan is adjusted to Chief Financial Officer. He remains as the Head of Accounting and Finance.
  7. Effective date: Mar 09, 2018
  8. Contact telephone number of the replacement: (02) 2786-6589
  9. Any other matters that need to be specified: None