Announcement on behalf of OBIGEN that the BOD resolved to convene the 2024 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2024/03/20
2.General shareholders’ meeting date:2024/06/19
3.General shareholders’ meeting location:
Conference room of OBI Pharma, Inc.
(6th Floor, No. 508, Section 7, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City)
4.Cause for convening the meeting I. Reported matters:
(1)2023 Business Report
(2)Supervisor’s Review Report on the 2023 Financial Statements
(3)Amendment of OBIGEN’s “Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings”
5.Cause for convening the meeting II. Acknowledged matters:
(1)2023 Business Report and the audited 2023 Financial Statements
(2)2023 Earnings Distribution Loss off-setting
6.Cause for convening the meeting III, Matters for Discussion:
(1)Amendment of OBIGEN’s “Articles of Incorporation”
(2)Amendment of OBIGEN’s “Procedure for Shareholders Meetings”
7.Cause for convening the meeting IV. Election matters:
Re-election of directors and supervisors
8.Cause for convening the meeting V. Other Proposals:
Lifting of non-competition restrictions for OBIGEN’s directors
9.Cause for convening the meeting VI. Extemporary Motions: .
10.Book closure starting date:2024/05/21
11.Book closure ending date: 2024/06/19
12.Any other matters that need to be specified:
Pursuant to Article 172-1 of the Company Act, the Annual General Meeting
will accept proposals by shareholders holding more than 1% of shares from
2024/03/22 to 2024/04/1. Shareholders shall submit the proposal with
applicable contact information before 5:00 pm on 2024/4/1 for the Board of
Directors to review and respond. (Please mark the letter “Proposal for
Annual General Meeting “ and send it by priority mail). Overdue will not be
Proposal receiving office is the Financial Department of OBIGEN Pharma, Inc.
(7th Floor, No. 508, Section 7, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City,
Tel: 02-27861217, ext. 160/222)