Announcement on behalf of major subsidiary, Amaran Biotechnology, Inc. of important resolutions of the 2021 annual shareholders’ meeting

1.Date of the shareholders’ meeting:2021/10/27
2.Important resolutions I.Profit distribution/deficit compensation: Acknowledgement of the 2020 Earnings Distribution Loss Off-setting.
3.Important resolutions II.Amendments of the company charter: Approval of the amendments to the Company’s “the Articles of Incorporation of the Company”.
4.Important resolutions III.Business report and financial statements: Acknowledgement of the 2020 Business Report and the 2020 Annual Final Accounting Ledgers and Statements.
5.Important resolutions IV.Election for directors and supervisors: Full re-election of directors and supervisors in advance.
6.Important resolutions V.Other matters:
(1)Approval of amendments to the Company’s “Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings”.
(2)Approval of amendments to the Company’s “Rules for Scope of Duties and Power of Supervisors”.
(3)Approval of the lifting of non-competition restrictions for new directors.
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: None