Announcement on behalf of AP Biosciences that preemptive rights forfeited by directors are over 50% and made available to specific persons

1.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/08/08
2.Reason for the forfeiture of subscription rights by the directors nd supervisors:
In accordance with related laws and regulations, to coordinate with AP Biosciences’ future plan of shareholding dispersal after IPO, and to protect shareholders’ interests of the Company, OBI decides to forfeit all the preemptive rights of AP Biosciences’ cash capital increase and distribute the rights to shareholders of OBI.
3.Name of director/supervisor, number of shares forfeited, and the percentage out of total subscription:
Director:OBI Pharma Inc.
7,864,657 shares forfeited, percentage out of total subscription:100%
4.Name(s) of the specific person(s) and no.of shares subscribed:
Total amount available for shareholders of OBI is 7,864,657 shares. Based on the shareholding ratio stated on the register of shareholders on the book closure date, each thousand shares of OBI bears the preemptive rights for 34.3016 shares of AP Biosciences.
5.Any other matters that need to be specified:None