Announcement on behalf of AP Biosciences of resolution of the Ex-rights record date of new shares through capitalization of capital surplus

1.Date of the resolution by the board of directors or shareholders’ meeting or decision by the Company:2022/05/13
2.Type of ex-rights or ex-dividend (please enter: “Ex-rights”, ”Ex-dividend”, or ”Ex-rights and dividend”):Ex-rights
3.Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution:Distribution of 1 share per share, new shares of NT$243,739,550 are issued from capital surplus.
4.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) trading date:Not applicable.
5.Last date before book closure:2022/05/16
6.Book closure starting date:2022/05/17
7.Book closure ending date:2022/05/21
8.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) record date:2022/05/21
9.Deadline for applying the conversion of the debt voucher:Not applicable
10.The closure period for the conversion of the debt voucher will start from the date:Not applicable
11.The closure period for the conversion of the debt voucher will end on the date:Not applicable
12.Payment date of cash dividend distribution:Not applicable
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:
(1)It is proposed that 2022/06/29, as the distribution date of shares dividend, and the chairman is authorized to deal with necessary adjustments due to the amendment to the laws and regulations, the competent authority’s instruction or any issues not covered herein.
(2)Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares are the same as for the original shares.