Announcement of explanation on the Company’s criminal lawsuit against Next Magazine

  1. Parties to the legal matter: OBI Pharma, Inc.
  2. Name of the court or disposing agency: Shihlin District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan
  3. Reference/case numbers of relevant documents: 2017 Zhen-Zi No. 5025, 5026
  4. Date of occurrence of the event: April 17, 2017
  5. Background and circumstances of the matter (including the property/subject matter under dispute):
    (1) Regarding the continuous and malicious false reports by Besthealthcareinfo, OBI filed a criminal lawsuit against relevant employees on April 7 and September 8, 2016 to safeguard the company’s legal rights.
    (2)OBI received a final decision of dismissal of the case by Shihlin District Prosecutors Office.
  6. Course and progression of handling of the matter: OBI will take necessary legal actions after discussion with the attorneys.
  7. Effect on company finances and business and estimated monetary amount of the effect: None
  8. Countermeasures and status of amelioration: None
  9. Any other matters that need to be specified: The operation and financial status of the company remain normal and unaffected.