Announcement of capital change registration for the treasury share retirement

  1. Date of the Competent Authority’s approval of the capital reduction: Mar 26, 2019
  2. Date of completion of capital amendment registration: Mar 26, 2019
  3. Effect on the company financial report (including any discrepancy between the amount of paid-in capital and the number of shares outstanding and the effect on net worth per share):
    (1)Original paid-in capital: NT$ 1,739,906,740; outstanding shares: 173,990,674 shares. Capital reduction: NT$ 8,620,000; retired treasury share: 862,000 shares.
    Paid-in capital after capital reduction: NT$ 1,731,286,740; outstanding shares: 173,128,674 shares
    (2)Book Value Per Share: according to the 2018 consolidated financial report, value per share before capital reduction was NT$ 25.71, value per share after capital reduction is NT$ 25.84
  4. Planned share conversion operations: not applicable
  5. Estimate listed shares, after the capital reduction: not applicable
  6. The estimate ratio of listed shares to the company’s issued common shares after the capital reduction: not applicable
  7. Countermeasures of the lower circulation in , if the aforesaid estimate listed common shares does not reach 5 million shares and the ration does not reach 25% after the capital reduction: not applicable
  8. Any other matters that need to be specified: Company received Ministry of Economic Affairs’ letter of approval for capital change registration on Mar 27, 2019.