MOPS (Market Observation Post System)

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) Market Observation System (MOPS) provides public information on various financial reports and other corporate information filed with the TSE.

The MOPS system currently does not allow users to directly access specific company information via links. Instead users must search for a company by company code. The link below will open a new MOPS window where you may enter the OBI Pharma company code 4174 to query for available data and reports.

MOPS (Market Observation System) English-language website

The information displayed on the MOPS website is provided by the TSE Stock Exchange and is not controlled or updated by OBI Pharma. Any errors, delays or interruptions on MOPS are the sole responsibility of the Taiwan Stock Exchange. This page may not display all available OBI Pharma reports. Users may access the MOPS system directly for more information.