Since the establishment of OBI Pharma Inc. in 2002, we have been focusing on the research and development of new drugs, challenging ourselves to fulfill unmet medical needs in hard-to-treat diseases with innovative and cost-effective products to improve people’s health and quality of life.
As a public company, we strongly believe that the resources granted by the community must be given back to the community. Thus, we inspect ourselves against the highest ethical standards and social responsibilities. In addition to improving people’s health and life, we also promise to:

  • Comply with corporate laws and regulations
  • Put patients’ well-being as our top priority: R&D and clinical trials are in the best interests of patients
  • Comply with the code of ethics when interacting with care providers during R&D and clinical trial process
  • Maximize company value and promote shareholder benefits
  • Provide fair employee compensation, benefits, healthy work environment, and career development
  • Devote in social welfare
  • Be aware of environmental changes, implement green office, and reduce carbon footprint
Department of Human Resource and Public Relations & Government Affairs lead Corporate Social Responsibility activities. When necessary, Chief Operating Officer allocates resources within CSR project team. CSR project team, based on ESG, are divided into six groups: corporate governance, economics , employee welfare, social care, environmental sustainability, and product services. Through internal meetings and discussions, we continue to promote the principles of corporate governance and social responsibilities.
(1) Corporate Governance
  1. We established the corporate CSR policy as the basis for practicing social responsibility.
  2. We continue to promote CSR in relations to business operation at internal meetings, such as the importance of recycling and reducing carbon footprint.
  3. Established corporate policies on employee code of conduct, remuneration, and stock options.
(2) Environmental Sustainability
  1. We are a biopharma company where most of our operations take place in the laboratory. We continue to implement programs on energy conservation, recycling, reducing the use of paper and disposable cups—for energy conservation and waste reduction.
  2. Due to the nature of biotechnology operation, a safety committee and relevant waste disposal and recycling policies are in place to comply with environmental regulations.
  3. At the present stage, the company do not produce greenhouse gases from production and manufacturing. In addition to natural disasters, the increase price or discontinuation of raw materials may also affect the company operation. Thus, we are actively involved in discussions and events on reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. To conserve energy in offices and laboratories, air-conditioning equipment are temperature controlled. In addition, manufacturing management also takes environmental load into consideration, thus optimize efficiency and decrease pollution.
(3) Social Welfare
1. Support patient groups

The journey of new drug development starts with patient caring. OBI-822, OBI’s pipeline product, focuses on treating late stage metastatic breast cancer patients. In order to understand the need of the patients, we have been tightly partnering with TBCA, one of the largest breast cancer patient groups. In addition to supporting the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month, In 2016, OBI also organized the Japanese Dance Club among TBCA patients—performed at the 2016 company spring banquet.

2. Bridge the industry with academia

Through partnering with prestige educational organizations, OBI aims to build a solid foundation for the biotech industry. OBI’s development strategy cultivates new talents by bridging the industry-academia gap. In 2015, OBI presented in the information session of ‘Industry-academia bridging: Doctor of Biotechnology program’ hosted by the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology at National Tsing Hua University.

3. Participate in public policy, academic, industrial and social discussions

In addition to the pursuit of company goals, we deeply care for the development of the biotechnology industry. OBI actively participates in public policy, academic, industrial and social discussions. In 2015, Dr. Michael Chang, the CEO of OBI, was invited to speak at the ‘Medicine, Science, Humanities and Justice and the Nobel Prize’ event at the Fu Jen University. Dr. Chang gave insights in ‘Immuno-oncology in Taiwan,’ also hoping to attract talents for the ever-growth of the biotechnology industry. OBI also supports public affairs through sponsorships and donations. In 2014, $2.1M NTD was made in sponsorships and donations, which includes employee initiated fund to support ‘Kaohsiung 81 gas explosion’ and other public/academic donations. In 2015, OBI devoted $550K in support of BioTaiwan and other related events.

4. Promote employer-employee relationship

  1. Human resource is the greatest asset
    1. Team building activities
    2. Employee benefits include labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, annual physical examination, holiday/birthday bonuses, marriage/funeral disbursements, annual outing, and employee stock options.
    3. Employee leisure clubs to build ‘great place to work’ and increase employee bonding.
    4. Quarterly employer-employee meeting to ensure employees’ legal rights are not breached. Organize employee welfare committee for welfare matters.
  2. Workplace safety
    1. OBI complies with Labor Safety and Health Law. On the basis of relevant laws and regulations, ‘Code of Conduct on Labor Safety’ outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Company.
    2. OBI values employees’ safety and health. Laboratory and office safety drill is conducted at least twice a year.
    3. As products are in the R&D/clinical stage, production and manufacturing cycle has not begun. However, to plan for our long term vision, The Safety and Health Committee was established in 2014.
  3. Open door policy to Human Resources, Department managers, General Manager allow complains where employees will be kept anonymous for privacy reasons
  4. Emphasize two-way communication
  5. Personalized career development plan
  6. Following labor law, OBI retirement package includes:
    1. Employee pension
    2. Match 6% of employees’ earning to the individual retirement account
    3. Retirement qualification: following current labor law
    4. Numbers of retired employees in 2016: None.
(4) Information Transparency
  1. Disclose corporate social responsibilities in Annual Reports and public statements. Sponsorship and/or participation in community activities are make known to the public through public media or other means of communication.
  2. The CSR report has been published on the corporate website. OBI will continue to promote corporate responsibility, governance, sustainability, and social welfare.