Announcement of the resolution of the treasury shares and the establishment of the base date for capital reduction by board of directors

Clearance of Adagloxad Simolenin (OBI-822) for a Phase III clinical study by Ministry of Health of Ukraine
February 20, 2019
Board of Directors approved the Company’s 2018 individual and consolidated financial statements
March 8, 2019
  1. Date of the board of directors resolution: Mar 8, 2019
  2. Reason for the capital reduction: The first-time purchase of the treasury shares are obsoleted as they have not been transferred to employees within the three year period.
  3. Amount of the capital reduction: NTD 8,620,000
  4. Cancelled shares: 862,000 shares
  5. Capital reduction ratio: 0.4954%
  6. Share capital after the capital reduction: NTD 1,731,286,740
  7. Scheduled date of the shareholders’ meeting: N/A
  8. Estimate listed common shares, after the capital reduction: N/A
  9. The estimate ratio of listed shares to the company’s issued common shares, after the capital reduction: N/A
  10. Countermeasures of the lower circulation in shareholding if the aforesaid estimate listed common shares does not reach 5 million shares and the ration does not reach 25% after the capital reduction: : N/A
  11. Any other matters that need to be specified: Base date for the capital reduction: Mar 8, 2019