OBI Pharma, Inc. will attend Cathay Securities’ Conference on June 16th

To correct the company’s Investor Conference presentation content on June 5 2016
June 7, 2016
The company was invited to participate in the overseas NDR (Non-Deal Roadshow) organized by Credit Suisse, and reported the study results presented in the 2016 ASCO.
June 15, 2016

1.Date of the investor conference:2016/06/16
2.Time of the investor conference:9:55 a.m.(Taiwan Time)
3.Location of the investor conference: 4F., No.3, LN. 39, Sec. 2 Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan (Regent Taipei)
4.Brief information disclosed in the investor conference: The company was invited to participate in the second quarter of 2016 Forum organized by Cathay Pacific Securities, and will explain the company’s operations and Future Prospects in the investors presentation conference.
5.Any other matters that need to be specified: None
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