OBI Pharma, Inc. announces the re-appointment of Mr. Michael Chang as the Chairman of the Company.

The company was invited to participate in the overseas NDR (Non-Deal Roadshow) organized by Credit Suisse, and reported the study results presented in the 2016 ASCO.
June 15, 2016
OBI Pharma ‘s 2016 Annual General Meeting has approved to release the newly elected Director from non-competition restriction
June 27, 2016

1.Date of the board of directors resolution or date of occurrence of the change:2016/06/27
2.Type of personnel (chairman or general manager):Chairman
3.Name and resume of the replaced personnel: Michael Chang, Chairman of OBI Pharma, Inc.
4.Name and resume of the new personnel: Michael Chang, Chairman of OBI Pharma, Inc.
5.Type of the change (please enter: “resignation”, “conge”, “tenure expired” ,“position adjustment”, “dismissal”, “retirement”, “death” or “new appointment” ):tenure expired
6.Reason for the change: tenure expired and the whole Board be elected
7.Effective date of the new appointment:2016/06/27
8.Any other matters that need to be specified: None